Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Presidental Election - It's a Sad Day~

Mr. Obama is back in office for another 4 years.. and it's a sad day indeed.  One thing this election has brought forth is my devoted prayer that our president will become saved by the blood of Jesus Christ during this term and change his morals and his ways.

I believe that under Obama our world will change drasticly before our eyes - and not for the better.  Things will get worse.  This is what the World of God tells us.. during the last days things will slope down hill and roll faster and faster toward distruction.  Obama may just be the man to keep that ball rolling.

Nonetheless, I am praying that God, the maker of all there is and ever will be, will change his life... and then that the world will change.

Teach us to pray Lord.. teach us to pray earnestly!