Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Christians need to be reminded and exhorted continually to keep their focus on Jesus.  It is very easy to become side-tracked into other things. We can get caught up in being passionate for a lot of good things in life, but the questions today are: “Are You Passionate for Jesus? Is Jesus holding the ‘center stage’ of your heart and life? Is He the One Who comes first? Is He a delight or a duty day by day?” It is important that we are challenged with such questions, so we can continually keep a check on our priorities. No one else can set our priorities for us. Our priorities will demonstrate where our passion is. It is quite amazing how we can usually find time for the things we want to do. For the Christian who is passionate for Jesus Christ he/she will always find the time to commit to that which He has asked of us.
In a day when many religions are being driven by a false passion, it is important that we  rise to higher heights in our representation of Jesus Christ in our communities. If we are unable to convey the passion, privilege and excitement of being in love with the risen Jesus, then who else can? If we are unable to let others see and know that He is the Answer to life’s problems, then who else is able to communicate that? People are seeking for answers today, but generally are seeking in the wrong places. All around the world people and cultures are degenerating back into lawlessness and wickedness ~ in spite of its religiosity, and in spite of governments making more rules and regulations to try and control people. Religion does not answer the cry, and governments cannot, because the answers needed are first and foremost spiritual. Even active involvement in Christian things does not necessarily answer that cry ~ unless Jesus is the focus, and His love and life are shining through those activities. Our hearts have to be motivated by a strong passion for Jesus. He is the Answer ~ not activities and things!

When we are passionate about someone, we want to be spending all the time we can with him/her. We just love to be in their presence. It is no different with Jesus. When we are in love with Him and are passionate for His presence and Word, we will find ways to get close enough to please Him. He is waiting for us to get close enough to Him so He can speak to us, and reveal more of His wonderful Word and will to us. We will never ever regret spending time with Jesus! When He speaks to us, it is always for our good! But if we are not passionate about our walk with Him, then we are going to struggle in hearing His voice and knowing His will for our lives.

Be encouraged to make those decisions that will draw you nearer to Jesus, with a passion that enables you to be a true witness of Him wherever you go. Remember, we are called to walk with Him more than the doing of those things that merely represent Him. Be passionate for JESUS CHRIST!

Dear Lord Jesus, I come to You right now, and I ask that You will put Your finger on anything and everything in my life that is robbing me of a real passion for You. Forgive me, Lord, for too often being far too passive and indifferent in my relationship and walk with You. I want to be a ‘fired-up,’ passionate follower of Jesus Christ, so the world will see and know that I belong to You, and that You are the Answer to every person’s need. Help me to be a greater witness of Your resurrection love and power. This I pray in Jesus name, Amen.

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