Saturday, November 3, 2012

Outside My Window

Outside my window.... It's starting to get dark and to cool down.  I love these cool fall nights when I can snuggle up with a book and blanket!

I am thinking... about how God works all things together for our good. It amazes me sometimes how He sees the big picture and orchestrates everything.

I am thankful for... For this time of year.  People's happy faces, holidays coming, baking, friendships and celebration!

From the kitchen... Today I made 11 jars of plumpkin jelly - A mixture of plum and pumpkin~ and it's sooo good!

I am wearing... An OU tee-shirt ( I can go OU or OSU!), jeans and socks.

I am creating... A handy dandy cleaning list to get the house ready for Thanksgiving guests!

I am going... to start my Christmas shopping tomorrow!

I am reading... While We Are Far Apart

I am hoping... that my oldest son is doing well helping to clean up after hurricane Sandy in New York City.

I am hearing... The TV playing a Hallmark Christmas movie.

Around the house... Things are clean and tidy. For the moment anyway~!

One of my favorite things... is to go out to eat breakfast. I just love a big breakfast bar full of scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, fruit, biscuits and gravy etc...

A few plans for the rest of the week... Church, Christmas shopping, work, ladies night out and ladies day out.

Is trying to remember... that God allows mountain tops and valley's.. and He also allows ski-lifts!


Janet Rose said...

Love the ski lifts notion! Hope to remember that one myself! :)

Linda said...

Peggy...thanks for reminding me of all the wonderful things to appreciate in this season.

I have done some Christmas shopping too and gotten a good start!

Hubby is taking me away for several days to play, relax and enjoy time together...and I need it so much!

Can't sleep, so I got up and got on the computer to read a few blogs. I am glad I visited your place!

Life is good...and I am thankful! We have so many things to praise God for! (:>)

Love, Linda