Saturday, October 27, 2012

We long for love and relationship and healing and hope. We long for holiness, for a closer walk with Jesus, for God’s truth to speak louder than the noise of the world. When we long for the right things, we find a different sort of love. The kind of love that will never let go of us, never let us down. Never walk away or disown us. A love that know us and our flaws, but stays anyways. For us to long for God is to long for a perfect love. God’s word promises if we start longing for that perfect love, everything…absolutely everything will follow that longing. God created our ability to long for love. But He wants us to long for His perfect love.

Beautiful People

I have seen beauty that makes your eyes blink and your heart stagger... yet beauty, true beauty comes from deep within the hearts and souls of who we are.  Most often true beauty is there inside of someone because of a struggle or a hardship that has been overcome.  Many of my most special friends are a beautiful mess.  Aren't we all?

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I Love a Rainy Night

It is pouring outside right now.  Coming down in sheets.. a lot of rumbling thunder and lightening.  I love rainy nights!  Perfect for popcorn and a movie, cuddling, reading, sleeping.. or just staring out into the black sky awaiting a sudden flash of white.  There's something about feeling so safe at home.  A safe and sound abode. 

God is so awesome and good.

Job 28:26  He decided how much rain would fall, and the path for the lightning.