Saturday, September 29, 2012


She invited me to come and visit. The whole time I was there she avoided me.  She would be sitting in corners crying or upset and there would be someone comforting her.  This happened many times... each time a different place with a woman hugging or talking to her. We were in a crowd of circus people and several people were leading horses by us and one was very tall.  I asked the lady if he was at least 17 hands and the man next to her tried to convince me that he was only 15, but there was no way that was true.  I rode a big draft horse at a run through a field and knew that the horse didn't belong to me and that I would probably get in trouble.  Then I was back at her house and she still looked at me with sad eyes yet didn't say anything.  I was confused about why I would come to visit when there was no communication. 

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