Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Pressure Canner and Canned Potatoes

For Christmas  I received a pressure canner.  The first ever for me.  I've always canned using a water bath canner.  I was a bit nervous at first, but after giving it a trial run with nothing in it (according to the directions)... I felt the confidence to can some potatoes~ something I've not been able to can since I didn't have a pressure canner!  Now I'm super ready to can carrots, beans, tomatoes and more!  We have already ate quite a bit of what I have canned this summer.  My next goal is to get some shelves put up in the garage where I can put all my canned goodies for storage. 

The potatoes turned out well although the water was a bit low in some of them.  I have read online that as long as the jars seal that the food will still be good!  I'm excited to try them out!


Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo on the new canner Peg! I know you're going to put it to good use! I took a class two summers ago, one of the things the lady teaching it demonstrated was how to use a pressure canner. It was really interesting. Karl and I talk about getting one every now and then but we haven't done it yet. My neighbor brought us over some beef that she'd canned along with some of her homemade salsa that she'd also canned. It was all delish!!!! The beef was so tender and juicey we hardly had to chew it, lol! I know you're going to put your canner to work! Enjoy it gf. (hugs you)

They call me Deb said...

Well how wonderful Peg! My grandmother had a pressure canner and I remember her enclosed back porch contained handmade shelves filled with colorful meats, vegetables, juices and jellies. It was a treat just to look at them. I remember the Pssst....POP sound of her opening them and the delicious and fresh taste of eating what those jars contained.
Enjoy bringing memories to your family through your canning!!
Hugs and blessings,