Friday, January 6, 2012

Choose to Believe

I choose to believe that God is Who He says He is... His promises are one hundred percent true, no matter how I feel or what I think at the moment. In fact, my feelings do not have anything to do with His black and white truths in his Word.  His Word stands, and my feelings are wishy-washy and short lived.  I may think that I know best (really knowing that I don't).. but who am I in the huge scheme of things?  The paradigm shift has swung and I am finding peace and comfort in letting go of what I what.. and  realizing when my desires become His desires, everything works out!

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Caddo Veil said...

Okay, now I remember--I came here before, and this was the first post I read and really really liked! And it's a great comfort and encouragement to me that Jesus IS Who/What He says He is!! Bless you & goodnight in Oklahoma! (And the reason I didn't comment before was because I got confused & thought I had to have a Google Account...not terribly blog-savvy!)