Sunday, December 4, 2011

Processing Thanksgiving Pumpkins

One of the two pumpkins that I am processing today!

Today I'm processing two left over, white Cinderella pumpkins from Thanksgiving.  I have quartered them, cleaned the gunk and seeds out and right now they are boiling/steaming on the stove in my canning pot.  After they are tender I will skin them and process them with the blender.  Then they will go into a collinder over a large bowl to strain some of the water out of them.. and then they will be bagged and frozen for Christmas cooking. 

My kitchen smells just like pumpkin pie! Oh, and I have hundreds of pumpkin seeds to plant in the spring!

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Janet Rose said...

I love the smell of cooking pumpkin that fills the house! I didn't cook any this year, but there's still time if I get in gear. :) Enjoy your homemade pumpkin goodness!