Monday, November 14, 2011

When Godly people do Ungodly Things

This morning I'm sitting here with my coffee that has grown cold and my little dog laying at my feet. What does God have in store for me today?  I have made the decision to take every thought captive.  When my mind starts wandering with the "what if's" and "buts"... I have been turning and CHOOSING to not give flight to those thoughts. I refuse to worry, I refuse to dwell on hairbrained ideas and thoughts that I can't do anything about, or more than that-- make happen!  Worrying doesn't make something go away or make something happen~ it just makes you sick inside. 

As I sat there and realized what was going on, God spoke to my heart and gave me the vision of Beth Moore's "When Godly people do ungodly things."  He reminded me of the verse where it says that satan has asked to sift someone as wheat~ and God gave him permission. So you see, it was no surprise at all... Yes, I already knew because God spoke it into my heart.  Even before it happened, because God takes care of His own.  He's so good!


Linda said...

Yes God is so good! I can say a hearty AMEN sister! Satan does want to make us slip up, and he wants to make us miserable. I know sometimes we fall and sometimes we beat ourselves up for it.

The more we spend time in His presence, and the more we read God's word and do Bible studys, the ammo we have to fight satan off.

It's when we slack off and don't put on our armour, that the arrows start flying at us and we have no defense. Yes, by His strength we must take each thought captive...and choose not to entertain the thoughts that displease God and grieve the His Spirit.

Thanks for posting this today...worry too often takes me over...because I give into it.

Love, Linda

Peggy Arteberry said...

Thank you for your response Linda! Yes, when worry raises it's head I've been trying to immediately let it go... or fill it with something else. I'm not always successful, but I'm getting better (with Him~!) Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Your last two posts on taking thoughts captive have really spoken to me Peg! I've been dealing with some thoughts this last week or so that have done exatly what your blog said they would, they've made me sick! Can't sleep, can't eat, I've stayed mentally distracted. But what I haven't done is tried to take those thoughts captive. I'm going to work on that and with His help I'm sure to see a victory! Great post Peg!