Monday, October 17, 2011

Watch Out!~ Deer Hunter!

This is my nephew who shot his first deer this weekend.  My husband and him had planned this hunting trip many months ago.  They left at 5AM to start their day Saturday morning.  Apparently there was a missed shot at 11:11 (due to cell phone time)... and about mid day they stopped for a while and just drove around scouting.  Later that evening they went back to their blind and after waiting not so patiently for several hours three does walked by and my nephew was able to get one.  He was so proud and excited.  Off to the check in station and then home with his trophy.  There was lots of oo-ing and ah-ing from all his family when he walked in the door.  For breakfast the next morning we fried up the sweet bread (kidney loin meat) and it was wonderful!  Now we have another in the family that has buck fever!

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They call me "Deb" said...

Woohooo! What a nice one. I know your nephew is proud. Congrats to him.