Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Some will find Religion, Some Truth

I can't take credit for the title of my blog.. I found it through another blogger who speaks wonderful truths into my life and my heart.

Some will find religion, some truth.

How true that statement is.

There are so many that sit the pews on Sunday to live their lives of no difference in the week.  They have attened for years, in fact have been on the membership since early childhood.  Yet, they just go in and out of the church building....  They have "religion" but they have no "relationship" with Jesus.  They can give you Sunday School answers, but they are only learned answers from classes or preachings and not answers that they know themselves from reading God's Word.  They think they are ok.

Are they?

Do you have religion?  Or, do you have Jesus~ a truthful relationship with the One who saves us from our sins with mercy and grace?  Do you know Him?  Know Him by talking to Him?  Listening to Him?

Or do you come and go... thinking the church building gives you all you ever need?......

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