Friday, October 14, 2011

Sneaky Girls

Yesterday when I arrived home, as usual, I went through the house to the back yard and out to the chicken coop to feed the chickens.  I noted that one of the girls was missing.  So, into the coop I went.  I kneeled down in front of the small hole where they come in and out of their coop and stared into the blackness but couldn't see anything.  I went back into the house for a flashlight and went back to the hole.  Again I kneeled down and looked inside.. sure enough, there she was in the very far dark corner just sitting.  I though she may be sick, but the longer I shone my light on her to look at her I realized she was probably just laying an egg since her eyes looked bright and she was blinking in the light.  I reminded myself to go back and check on her after supper.  Supper came and went and I went back outside to take a look.. and what did I find??  A PILE of eggs in the far corner (from what I could see from the entrance hole.)  No, not a couple a big pile!  Maybe 10-12!  Since the girls had all gone in for the night and were in the rafters it would have been a huge ordeal for me to crawl in that small space and retrieve the eggs (yes, they were in an area that is not easily accessible to humans! ha!).  So... this morning once all the girls were out of the coop, I contorted myself through the small hole into the backside of the coop (believe me, there is no other way to do it!) and crawled back into the corner with a colander to gather the eggs.  There were NINETEEN!!  Oh my goodness!  Sneaky girls!  No wonder we had been only getting 2-3 eggs from 6 hens every day!  I cleaned their stash out and kicked the feather nesting they had made all apart.  Tonight I will be sure to check the dark back corner of the coop... and in the future we plan on making the whole bottom area of the backside of the coop (approx 4 ft) open with a hinged door so that we are able to check for stashed eggs daily!

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