Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New "Girls" Coming!

Tonight I will go and pick up my new "girls."  I have been looking for more chicken since a predator raccoon killed 4 of our hens last month.  The lady who is selling the chickens has several kinds to choose from, these three are my top choices:

New Hampshire Red


Rhode Island Red

I am going to get four.  The Australorps are supposed to maybe crosses.  I'll just have to see.  I may want one of each and then one more of the one that has the best production rate.

Woohoo!  Who would have ever thought I would be excited to get chickens?

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Linda said...

You sound like my daughter Lynnette...she likes chickens...and their eggs. They have also raised them to butcher.

I admire nature girls and yet I am such a city girl. (Not really "city"...but small town girl!) I like being close to the stores and everything.

But as I said, I do admire those with pioneering spirits, and those who raise their own food.

I am allergic to chicken and eggs. So that's another reason for me to stay away...but I have collected chickens and rooster stuff over the years and think they are cute! (:>)