Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Grace, Love and Fellowship

I have heard this verse over and over the past two days; in my car as I'm listening to my NIV scripture reading DVD which was in Corinthians, in a devotion this morning and again this morning on  Hmm.. makes me wonder.. what is God saying?

May the GRACE of the Lord, Jesus Christ...  Ah, doesn't that say it all?  I was listening to the song 'Oh How He Loves Us' this morning and the words "if grace is an ocean we are all sinking" just pricked my heart. Unimaginable, unfathomable, undeserving grace.  It's not what we can do, it's what He's done!

..And the love of God..... His love blows my mind.  He loves me! Me!  He knows my every thought and action..yet, He loves me!

..Fellowship of the Holy Spirit... He wants a relationship with us.  A tight bond.  A holy union.  Back and forth, living, breathing, talking..

..Be with you all.... If Christ is in us, He is with us!  We can have all these things.. because of Who He is!

Praise His Name!

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