Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chicken Shenanigans

Who knew that chickens were fussy and choosy?  Certainly not me!  When we added our new girls last week the three former chickens (two hens and a roo) weren't sure what to think. Within days they accepted two; the black Australorpe and the Rhode Island Red.  The New Hampshire's, bless their hearts, have been shunned pretty strongly.  These two girls come from a hatchery (I was told) and it makes me wonder if they just don't know how to run with a large pen of chickens, or if they may act different or smell different?  The other two were raised in an incubator on a farm.  Maybe it's their personalities, I don't know~!  The roo will keep them on the run if they venture over his way.  They would hide out in the coop all day if we didn't flush them out and shut the door.  Poor things.  Will they ever adjust?  I sure hope so!

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