Monday, August 29, 2011

What Weekend?

So tired today.  It's been one of those packed-busy-since-Friday-all-the-way-through-Sunday weekends.

Friday I had the bright idea to prune the tomatoe plants of all their dead branches and leaves.  It was a great idea, but my lower back didn't think so.  The past couple of days my back has worsened enough that I am trying to either stay up or stay down.. the transition is too painful!

My mother-in-law gave me several canning jars, mainly 1/2 pints for jelly, a couple of pints, a quart and a quart and a half.  I was so excited to get the quarter and a half.. now, to find something to can in it!

I just returned back from lunch with a few minutes to spare before going back to work. 

I hope that everyone is doing well!

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