Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Truth Sets us Free

If someone is telling a half-truth it is a full lie.

I have almost always been the truthful type.  It hasn't won me any awards, in fact, quite the opposite at times. 

When we tell the truth we don't have to remember what we have said... or who we said it to.

Why do we avoid the truth? 

We may not want others to know what we have said or done and are embarassed to take claim.

We may be afraid that others will see the inside part of us that no one else sees. 

And, as we all know, it's much easier to believe a "wonderful" wild story when the truth is just so plain and simple~ Or, is it?


Rebecca said...

I agree! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic.
In Christ,

Country Whispers said...

So true!
I 100 percent believe that the truth is the only way to go. Yes, sometimes you may have to suck it up and be totally honest in something you may have said but I would rather have to eat my own words than be known for telling tall tales.
Besides, those tall tales always come back to bite you!