Wednesday, March 16, 2011

You Will Always be my Baby

It has been years since I have been up with a sick child all night. My daughter called just as we were settling into bed last night.  She is home from OBU on spring break and had gone to her boyfriends house 20 miles away.  She was sick.  Very sick... throwing up and unable to hold anything down or even leave the bathroom... would we come get her?  We got back out of bed and got dressed at 11:30 and went to pick her up.  Once we arrived I could see that she was very sick.  Her boyfriend was sitting in the bathroom floor cradling her head in his lap as she laid in floor...  We were there for maybe close to an hour as we tried to find a "pause" in things to drive the 25 minute drive home.  I drove her car and she rode with my husband laying in the back seat.  Immediately after arriving back home she went straight to the bathroom again sick to her her stomach.  She settled into bed about 1:15 and we did too.  Three more times in the night as she ran down the hall to the bathroom she would tap on the door to our room... each time I would get out of bed and stand with her and hold her hair and hand her warm wash clothes to wipe her face with.  Finally at about 5 a.m. she settled in on the bathroom floor with a blanket and pillow and I went back to bed... when I woke at 7:10 she was back in her bed again.  This morning I am having flashbacks of a little girl who is 5 and not almost 20... who needed her momma whenever she was sick... and her momma dragging all day because of being up all night... and I realize... it's not age that makes her my little girl.......... It's because she just is.

It's okay though. I love her... and she will always be my baby..


Linda said...

So sweet that she wanted her momma. I am 60 yr. old, and sometimes when I am really sick I still wish my momma was alive, and here to comfort me!

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Oh, at times there is just no one like our Momma. I do hope that she is on the "up and up" by now. Wishing you many blessings!