Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Just Sayin'

I love how God works things out despite our circumstances.  When people try to keep things from you and God causes someone else to call you with the information.. All I can do is stand back and smile.... and marvel how He keeps those who love him in the "know."   I was told no one would be working in my place when I left a recent job~  yet I was told by someone else in the middle of last week that they would be starting that coming Monday!  :-)

LOL... So, actually I knew way before you thought I did.... and it wasn't any secret..

Just Saying...

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Janet Rose said...

I love how God works things out, too, in such circumstances.
Your post reminds me to consider in my own life that God knows everything...my deepest thoughts and dreams...and I can trust Him with them. I cannot hide anything from Him and I don't need to think I can try. Just sayin'... :)