Thursday, March 31, 2011

Canada Rocks

Yes, Canada does rock!  But this blog is actually about Canada rocks!  I went to visit a friend of mine a couple of years ago in Rothesay and Saint John, New Brunswick Canada.
We saw many sites, did many wonderful things and ate a lot of delicious food.
One of the the things I think of most when I remember back is going to the Bay of Fundy (ocean) outside of Saint John.  The day that we went in the last part of April the water was a steely gray/brownish color.
The waves rolled and the cool wind blew strong and hard.
And there were rocks.
Anyone who knows me well, knows that I have collected rocks all my life.
Big ones, little ones, oddly shaped ones.. etc..
This wide sweeping beach was filled with millions of round rocks.  From the size of a marble to the size of basketballs and larger.
These rocks had been in this bay area for centuries.  Rounded by tumbling in the ocean and the
atmosphere of snow and rain.
They held my utter attention.  I had to find the perfect one.
My friend and I walked many miles on the beach that day.
I'm sure she smiled inside and thought it silly of her American friend to love the rocks so much.
Our pockets were full of rocks by the time we returned to the car.
Perfect rocks.. round speckled with pink, black and white.. and black, gray and white.
When I packed up my suitcase to fly back home I had to decide on how many I
could take with me.
The choice was hard!
I choose about 6 with the largest being the size of a baseball.
When my luggage was scanned, the lady behind the conveyor belt asked me what I had
in my suitcase and for a minute I was stunned.
And, then she said "rocks maybe?"
LOL.. Yes, then I remembered I had packed them.  I was scared just
for a moment that she would make me leave them, but she didn't say anything else.
When I arrived home I showed everyone my bounty.
They all know I love rocks and somewhat understood my treasures.
Today two of those rocks sit right here at work with me on the very desk I am sitting at.
I look at them and remember....
I look at them and wonder how they started out.. where they have been..
..and about the fate that these two for such a time as this, have come to America.
I love them.
And, I remember fondly.

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Debbie said...

We like rocks too! So I understood this post and loved it too. :) I have a friend in Jerusalem, who sent us rocks from the Sea of Galilee. She felt silly, paying to send us rocks, but rocks were always special to her and she thought these from this special place, might be to us too. She was right!
God bless you and smile upon you!