Thursday, February 3, 2011

Reading Signs

How often do we ignore things?  We think we see, but do we really?  Today I had to post a sign on the door at the business that I work at.  The sign states that our printer (on one side) is broke down and that XXX is the only thing available.  How many people do you think read the sign before they walk in my door?  Try about two out of 20.  People will put their hand up to the door to pull it open, where right on the inside of the glass is a BOLD sign.  They will completely ignore the sign and walk on in.  Then they seem surprised when I tell them the news.
Are you guilty of ignoring signs?  Is there something that God is wanting you to do today that you are running from?  Does it seem that everywhere you turn there is picture of the same thing, or you are hearing the same phrases or words over and over again?  Turn back around and read the sign.  Study each letter.  Which ones are bold and which ones are not?  What should you do?

Please don't ignore Him today.  When He asks you why He should let you into heaven someday, what will you say?  Will you tell Him you just didn't *see* the signs... or will you face the fact that you knew they were there.. but you walked by them?


Lea said...

I had to chuckle at your first paragraph. I've made a few signs myself to have them ignored. But, perhaps if I hadn't been the one to put the sign up, I might have never seen it either. :o)

Love the truth of this post, something to think about.

Sweet blessings to you!

Peggy Arteberry said...

Lea, you are so right about being the "putter-upper" and the reader! HA... I wonder if I would too! :-)