Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lose Weight without Effort!

Loosing weight without effort.  Do you really believe I may have the answer?  I can assure you, I don't.  I sure wish I did.  How often do we see the promise of some fad diet where the "weight just falls off without effort?"  Why do we want something for nothing?  We want the perfect body, but we don't want to exercise discipline in eating right or exercise.  Weight never just falls off unless someone is sick or is going through a time of physical or mental stress.  We know it's not that easy, yet we continue to search for something that takes less effort yet works tomorrow.  We don't want to wait... we don't want to apply discipline... we want it and we want it now.
Today there is such a huge pressure on women to be thin.  Young girls and women actually starve themselves to death.  Amazing.  Almost every other commercial on TV is of a scantily dressed woman or at the least a hit with huge sexual overtones.  We sit there watching  our TV's seeing what society thinks women should be...  and we are just regular plain Jane's.  Not perfect, but beautiful in our own ways... yet feeling not up to par.  And, it's no wonder, we will never, ever, bone up to the air-brushed (ideal to men) women in the pages of a magazine~ and I am just talking about Redbook or Family Circle~!

Loosing weight and being healthy takes effort.  We cannot lose it overnight.  We are in a hurry-hurry world... where everything is microwaveable.  Other than surgery, loosing weight takes discipline, TIME, effort, TIME and exercise... and TIME.  We didn't gain weight overnight... it took a while... it takes a daily dose of calories to stay the way we are.  But, we can change.  We need to start with prayer, eating right, studying up on health and some physical exercise.

Don't let the world push you into something for nothing.  It's a lie.  Don't let society tell you what you should look like or what size you should be... That is also a lie.  Just be you... and if you need to loose weight to be a healthier you, then get started today.

Sorry for the ramble and the two distinctly different subjects stated here today... I just had to get it out...

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