Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chained by Choice

The enemy wants to keep us from living free .What a tragedy it is for us to have been given freedom by God's grace but for us to not walk in it!  For believers the ability to walk in freedom comes dependant on an individual's daily decision to walk in the power received at Salvation.

When we are chained to things in our lives, they are by choice.  Often we don't realize that we have the power to move out from under them and we feel defeated from the very beginning.  Like an elephant who is chained by his hind leg at a very young age is taught that he can't get away... when he gets older, although he could possibly then get away, he doesn't even try because of his "past."  If we only knew the power that we harnessed within ourselves because of the Salvation and promises of Jesus, ~ how powerful we would all be!

Although Salvation is definitely by faith and not works, daily living in freedom takes work as we cooperate with God's Spirit.

I have had a situation in my life the past six months.  One method satan uses to keep us captive is by causing us to gradually step further and further into our rebellion/chains.  Eventually we are deeper than we ever thought we'd be.  In this situation in my life God has used a person to stretch me and grow me in ways I never thought imaginable.  This person turned out to be someone out of character with who I thought they really were. Inconsistencies and hurtful things said behind my back made me somewhat bitter. (past tense)  I have forgiven.  And yet, when I feel like I'm doing well with this person, something new will come up to stoke the fire or blow on the flames.

I have by choice, chosen to take those chains off of myself.  I have been really trying to do better and believe that I really have succeeded.  (Not perfectly but with a willing heart.)  When the next issue comes up, and it will, I choose to live free.  Free from pain and hurt.  Free from "feelings" that have nothing to do with reality.  I can break away from this. I must.  I will.  So can you.

What are the chains you are wearing today?
Did you know that you DO have the ability to be free?

Jeremiah 40:4  But today I am freeing you from the chains on your wrists.

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Wow, this one must have tongue tied a lot of people... LOL