Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Brides and Brides Maids

This last weekend was a busy one.  We went a couple of hours up north to fit my daughter for a bridesmaid dress for my oldest sons' wedding in May.  We met with my daughter-in-law to be and her mom.  Several different styles of dresses were tried on... and shoes too.  A halter type was chosen in a beautiful royal blue color.  Afterward we all met at a local restaurant and ate lunch.  Then we went on to the Bride's shop to see my my son's beautiful bride to be in her her gorgeous gown.  What a vision she was!  Like a live princess out of a fairytale!  My heart stopped and tears shone in my eyes as I realized that in just a few mere weeks all of this preparation will come to pass!  There are many more plans and things to do... I want to help where I can, yet not be overbearing.  A time in my life is coming to pass... that somehow I never thought would.


Laura said...

How exciting, Peggy! Bless you, mother-of-the-bride! Looking forward to hearing more about this journey.

They call me "Deb" said...

Isn't it ironic that as our children pass into new realms of maturity, we find ourselves questioning who WE are?
I wasn't sure how I would handle our only son getting married (especially when it came WAY too soon for our comfort). I had always been "Mom" - the main lady in our son's life; the one who took care of his 'boo-boos' and who he turned to for advice; the one who made his favorite foods... It wasn't so bad that another 'lady' would be doing that - I knew that day would come. But what was so difficult for me was that I now had to 'redefine' who/what I was!
I finally relaxed when I realized that being "MOM" wasn't what defined me - being a daughter of the most High King is what defined me - and when I gave my son to Him and fully entrusted him in God's care, I grew.
Hugs and blessings and may the Lord fill the wedding preparations with JOY!

Janet Rose said...

Congratulations to your family! Weddings are moments to cherish although there can be some stress involved. Enjoy your son and daughter-in-law's day!