Friday, February 11, 2011

Been out of the Loop

I feel so out of the loop.  We have had so many snow days off of work the past couple of weeks that my days are messed up!  I've spent a lot of time at home lounging, watching tv and baking.  I worked one day the week before last and two days this last week not counting today.  It's funny how our schedules are completely knocked off kilter by weather. I hope that everyone is doing well!

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Linda said...

I am out of the loop too Peggy. I have just been a zombie since all of the snow and cold weather. But tomorrow night is the big Sweetheart banquet I told you I am looking forward to getting out for that.

So I will spend the day doing my nails and my hair and getting all prettied up for my Valentine! (wink)

Hope you will have a good weekend!