Thursday, January 13, 2011

A "Great" Church Service

What makes a great church service?  Does there have to be tears?  A word of prophecy spoken in tongues?  High emotions?  Someone rushing to the alter and wailing?

Does that mean "the Spirit moved?"  Doesn't the Holy Spirit move in big ways in our lives everyday?

I truly believe that in these days satan has people snowed by thinking emotions is the way to a relationship with Jesus.  While emotions can be a part, they don't constitute sincerity or realness.  I've seen too many services where people hype others up into a frenzy.... and then people later will talk about what a wonderful service it was... because of all the emotion and tears.

We are missing out if we think that those things make a service.  Jesus speaks to our hearts in all kinds of different ways, and yes sometimes it is with deep emotion, but most of the time it's with deep heart changes and commitment.


Lea said...

Oh, I say a huge AMEN to your thoughts. Awesome thoughts and so, so true. Plain and simple!

Laura said...

I'll add my AMEN to Lea's. Also, sometimes our emotions are not to be trusted. They can lead us astray.

Good thoughts, Peggy. Sending blessings your way.

Linda said...

Good post, and I agree...

But, I do love to feel a stirring in my heart though... when God is tugging at it through a convicting sermon. But it is a very personal stirring and not for all. It is God calling me to change something in my life and to get right with him.

There is a fine line I think. If we go to the altar with a sincere heart and tears are flowing...then that can be a good thing.

But if we always give in to emotional outbursts and base our faith on feelings then that's not usually good.

I think things should be done decently and in order and based on scripture and doctrinal truths.

May we do all to the glory of God!

raisinpraise said...

I'm hesitant to leave a comment since my name doesn't start with an "L"...Oh well. :)
Very good thoughts! It has to be the change in the inner man. That change will be obvious tomorrow and the next day. That's the sign of an encounter with the Holy One.
And that indeed is good.