Friday, January 7, 2011

Daddy God

Daddy God.

I really like that term.  It's not disrespectful, light or said in jest.

It's warmth, knowing, love and joy.  I know that I can curl up in Him at anytime... anywhere.  He's my protector, my warrior and my warm downy comfort.

He is my Daddy God.


Laura said...

I love that photo! So cute.

I have a friend who calls him Papa God. I love to hear her say it. Some say that we should be careful about only referring to God as "Father"...that those who had a difficult relationship with their earthly father may have a hard time with this. But, speaking as one of those, I find it so comforting. To know that I have a Daddy who loves me the way my earthly father coudln't.

Lea said...

Yes, I agree, I've always thought the word Daddy was comforting. But, I have a hard time referring to our heavenly Father like that. It's just a "me thing", and not anything else. Sort of like wearing pants to church, it took me years to get past that. "o) Guess that really shows my age. Happy week-end to you!

Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

This Abba? He is our Daddy.

He is,
always will be.

I find this comforting.