Monday, December 13, 2010

Do NOT sign up with UMA ~ Ultimate Medical Academy

Sorry this is a rant.  I don't have them often..... but goodness, this one's crazy.....

Do NOT sign up with UMA - Ultimate Medical Academy. They will badger you to death.  I sent an email to them to look into their online schooling.  "Otis B." called me back and then called me the next evening to go over some things online with me.  After doing this, and seeing how much it was going to cost, I knew I would not be able to do this schooling at this time.  When he called the next day to confirm everything I told him that I would NOT be able to do this schooling.  He told me that someone else might be calling to confirm and the following day they did... and they acted surprised like they had no idea I had canceled!  Then TODAY I received a text message from the school saying that today was the beginning of classes!!  I texted that number right back with a message that I had canceled... AND THEN a lady called me to ask about the first day of class, acting again like she had NO idea... and I told her too.  She badgered and badgered me.  She wanted to know why.  I finally told her I would not tell her why and even then, she kept calling me "girlie" and trying to be sort of sweet and pushy.  I was getting so angry.  I finally said to her to just take me off of the list!  After I got of the phone with her I went to their site: UMA Ultimate Medical Academy.  I told the gentleman that answered the whole scenario and he apologized and told me that he would take me off.  I let him know I was very disappointed.  I even sent a message to the school online that I would not be giving any good reviews about this school.  I hope that someone that is researching this school, finds my blog ahead of time and thinks twice before starting.

All of these opinions are my own.

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Anonymous said...

I went through and did this initial sign up for ultimate medical academy but before doing fafsa I researched into the school and had found people had been scammed for thousands of dollars and the credits after not transferrable. Then I got a call the next day telling them I didn't want to go to their school they had to know why I told them I wanted to go somewhere local. Then I get calls for 2 more days they acted as if they didn't know. I'm pretty sure they don't make note of what I'm saying. Then on the 4 th day I start yelling at them and then get a call today just saying "why do you keep calling me?!" Acting like this is a wrong number and I don't know who they are and they hung up. I'm expecting a call tomorrow. Hopefully I can speak to a manager. But then again that might make them call more.