Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Deer Woods

Well, hubby is in the "deer woods" today.  Those of you who aren't from the south may have not heard of this term.  It just means he's gone deer hunting.
 :-)  He has already shot a buck during black powder season.. and now he's off to see if he can find another.  For the past three years we've stocked our freezer with ground meat, ground sausage, stew meat and steaks.  We love deer meat... and it's very low fat... and practically free!  You can interchange it any meat recipe you might use beef in. 

So.... do any of you hunt, or do you have spouses that hunt?  I've been once in my life and I about froze to death!  Never again!  LOL... 


Laura said...

My husband is not a hunter but i dated a guy in college who was. I developed a fondness for deer meat in those days. His mother really knew how to fix it right--to take the "wild" out of it. Hope he is successful in bringing home some more bounty!

Peggy Arteberry said...

He sent me a cell picture of a mule deer that his buddy got... I do hope he gets one too~!

There are all kinds of ways to cook it to take the "gaminess" out. Hmm... maybe I'll share some of them in the future. That's a thought! Thanks for stopping by! Hugs