Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Traditions

I read someones comment on a blog this morning that really has me thinking.  While I know that not everyone is like my family, it still amazes me that there are those that really don't celebrate Thanksgiving.  I'm not saying that they are wrong not to~ maybe they just don't like turkey, or they didn't grow up doing anything special on Thanksgiving Day.  For me and my family, we always made Thanksgiving a big deal.  Being a military brat, there were years when it was just my mom and dad and sister and I at our Thanksgiving table.  I remember always having a big turkey and the the "fixin's."  I wouldn't give up those memories for anything.  When my dad retired we were able to have Thanksgiving with family.  The more the merrier!  Then, when I married we took turns with our families by switching Thanksgiving and Christmas each year.  It doesn't matter which household I am in... the kitchen is filled with women from daybreak.  Wonderful smells are wafting through the house and the men are gathered in the living room talking~ with the exception of my dad who likes to help make stuffing! :-)  People are coming in and out the door... children are everywhere... laughter and voices fill the house...  then there is FOOD.... and I do mean, F O O D.  Both sides of the family bake and cook like you wouldn't believe.  On my side, my mom and dad put the turkey in the oven around 4 a.m.! .... dad always wants to make sure we have jelled "whole" cranberries...  On my husbands side the ladies cook all day and sometimes we don't eat until 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon!  Either way, it's ALL GOOD.  (When I just typed in "all good" it at first came out "all God." ~ A typo yes, but isn't that what it all is REALLY about?)

I am so thankful to God.. for Who He is in my life... and for the family and friends that He has provided for me.

I'm not sure how much I may be on the next couple of days, if at all.  I want to wish each and everyone of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!  God bless you and your families~!

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Teresa said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Peggy!