Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Women's Ministry Harmony

My hearts desire is to teach women.  No, I haven't arrived, in fact, I'm far from it.  I desire it and I know that God has put it in my heart.  I've attended so many different ladies classes over the years and have been involved in many seminars, concerts and retreats.  The last church that my parents went to had a huge ladies group.  The neat part was that within the group after the main leader, the many branches broke down to certain ministries; benevolence, holiday, nursery, young married, golden oldies etc.  Each leader had their own certain parts that played into and the result was a beautiful harmony.  Like clock-work everyone did what they needed to do.  What always amazed me was that all of those women *wanted * to be doing what they were doing.  No one had to entice, beg or plead for them to become involved or to do something.  At yet another church all the luncheon gatherings were beautiful because there were women who showed up early just to decorate and make the events special.  It takes a lot of people walking in their God-given talents to make a ministry work like it should.  Are you doing every part that you can to help the ministry you are in to be successful?   

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