Thursday, October 14, 2010


She comes in the shop each month, sometimes several times a month, to pay her bills.  Her face is always drawn, angry looking and sad.  Her stance says that she doesn't want anyone messing with her.  Once when she was here, a man tried to talk and joke with her while waiting in line and she thought he was coming on to her.  It was all completely innocent.  When he left she told me, using a few choice words, that she didn't know him and that he had no right to be talking to her.  Later than day she came back in the shop and sat across from me and apologized for her language earlier.  She told me that she was an old army nurse and that ocassionaly that words flew out of her mouth when she didn't want them to.  I thanked her and she was on her way.  When she first started coming in she complained a lot about a certain bill and I always had some troubles with her~ but I always kept smiling and being nice.  Which I think really bothered her.  I wouldn't let her rattle me.  Her face was always so stern.  The past month or two though, I'm seeing small changes.  She acts like she's glad to see me, even though she doesn't smile.... I always validate her as a person and listen to her talk about her son who is in Afganastan.... and about the divorce she is starting to go through... For several days recently I listened to Charles Stanely talk about anger and how it affects us and our lives.  How it affects us inside and all kinds of things.  There are many in the world who choose to hold on to anger because it's all they have~ it makes them who they are.  If they give it up, what do they have?  When we fill that hole with Jesus He helps us.  Becoming a Christian doesn't make the anger disappear overnight... but God has so many wonderful promises in His Word about anger and what we can do to control it... with His help.

God hasn't allowed me to release the thought of Martha lately...

Lord, watch over Martha today.  Wherever she is at at this moment, whatever she is doing please bring peace on her soul.  Let her know that when she comes in this shop she is loved... that there is a peace here.  Watch over her son and her marriage.  Relax her body, her face, her mind today.... Help her to feel refreshed.  Bring someone to her that can pray with her... and most of all, if she doesn't know You,  I ask that you woo her spirit to know that she needs you.  Keep her safe... keep her in Your care... Amen

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