Friday, October 8, 2010

Furious Love

Have you ever been between a mare and her colt? A cow and her calf? A dog and her puppies? You had better watch out! Why? Because you are in between a mom and her baby... her offspring... her life. She would do anything, even fight to the death for her young one. We are the same way as mothers.

Don't let anyone or anything get in between the furious love you choose to have for others. Love unconditionally, love long, love hard and love deep. Sometimes we have to choose to love~ sometimes it doesn't come easily.. sometimes we don't want to~ but we should choose to.

God's love isn't just a soft, mushy, gooey kind of love~ it can be ferocious, righteously angry, quick and strong.

Choose love. Choose it today. Choose to love with every fiber of your being. Be furious and determined and intentional about it. Even if it's not returned to you.

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