Monday, October 11, 2010

Born Again but not a Christian?

Wow.  Yesterday I heard TWO sermons on a topic.  TWO.  One as I was getting ready for church and the other IN church.  Although the sermon at church wasn't entirely on this subject, he touched on it long enough that it made me grab a hold and wonder what God was doing in my heart.  The gentleman that I was listening to on the radio was saying that the world "Christian" was only in the Bible three times~ depending on what translation you use.  The word "Christian" means belonging to the body of Christ or follower of Christ.  I've always heard it meant being Christ like.   I believe the Holy Spirit has opened my eyes to something.  Not everyone who is born again is a true Christian.  What I mean by that is that they may be saved and going to heaven, they just don't act like it.  This is where hypocrisy comes in.  This is where the unsaved world goes to seed on "Christians" and their behaviors.  It's the one bad apple that spoils the barrel. Many people who do not believe or trust in Jesus Christ consider themselves Christians simply because they go to church or they live in a "Christian" nation.  But going to church and serving those less fortunate than you, giving to the church, attending regularly or being a good person does not make you a Christian.  Going to church does not make you a Christian anymore than going to a garage makes you an automobile.  A true Christian is a person who has put faith and trust in the person and work of Jesus Christ, including his death on the cross for our sins and his resurrection on the third day.  A true Christian is a child of God (through salvation) and a part of God's true family.

Do you know Jesus Christ?  Would you like to?

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