Sunday, October 24, 2010

Be Nice to me, I Gave Blood Today

Have you given blood before? Yesterday my family and I went on an outing and I was asked to donate blood at a bloodmobile and I did. The last time I had given blood was in 1995. At that time when I gave blood it made me feel terrible. Just as the blood started to flow I felt as if I had gone off the top of a roller-coaster. My stomach flipped, I felt dizzy and weak and I thought all the blood had drained from my face. It scared me. They made me lay back and uncross my feet. Afterwords I was asked to sit at the snack table longer than usual. They wanted me to completely drink several glasses of juice and eat some cookies. It took me a while that day to get recover. Since that time, I've not given blood for fear that I would have the same experience. Yesterday they kept assuring me I should be okay. I filled out all my paperwork, answered all the questions, passed the blood pressure and iron test.... and walked wearily back to lay down on the bed. I was told I could lay on either side being as I had "great" veins in both arms. I decided to go with my left arm. When they told me to squeeze the stress ball every three to five seconds I did... but very slowly at first. And, not very hard. I was worried that if I started out too fast that I'd be off of that roller-coaster again. As I laid there I prayed that I would feel okay and that all would go well....... and it did. In about a weeks time I should receive something in the mail telling me about my blood~ cholesterol and everything. I know that I'm type B+ and that only 8 1/2 people in 100 have my blood-type. I'm thankful for the opportunity. I just might do it again.....


Debbie said...

Thank you for giving blood! :) It reminds me of Jesus, shedding His blood for us . . . God bless you!

Sue said...

What a great thing you did Peggy, it reminded me of the time my oldest son and I gave blood together at our local hospital, for my mother in law. He is 6ft. 5 in.and tries to be so macho, lol. I could see him across from me and I noticed he didn't look well, and when he was finished he started to get up but almost fainted. I had the biggest laugh on him, and for weeks teased him.
I haven't thought about this incident in quite a while, so thank you for the memory.

I am so glad it went well with you especially since you have an unusual blood type.
Thank you for visiting me and for taking the time to leave me such a sweet comment.

Linda said...

Hey...I am B positive too! (:>)