Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Are You a Doer?

Do you pride yourself in being a doer?  Are you busy all of the time?  Are you needed everywhere for everything?  Do you think the show can't go on without you?  I've been reading a Joyce Meyer book the past several days.  It's all about stress and stressers, depression, anxiety etc... I am not a stressful person by nature.  In fact, I'm quite the opposite to some people's annoyance... lol. I've always been very relaxed.. and kind of quiet.  I've often times been told when I've known someone for a while that they thought I was stuck up when they were first getting to know me because I'm so quiet.  I can be a doer.  I love being involved.  I dream of being in a women's ministry that is on fire for the Lord and many other things.  God wants us to wait on Him and his timing.  He wants us to be still.  He wants us to listen to that still small voice.  We cannot hear it if we are constantly doing and going.  Sometimes the going and doing of our lives give us substance (we think).. it makes us feel useful and important.  We need to realize that importance comes from what the Lord thinks, and nothing else.  Don't be such a doer that you don't have time for your children, your spouse, church, bible study... life!  God didn't design us to be as stressed as we are.  And, much of our stress we pick up and carry by our own free will.  Let it go.  Let go of everything that isn't important.  Rest in the Lord.  Relax.  Listen and hear the spirit of the Lord when we speaks to your heart.

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