Monday, October 25, 2010


My dream~

I turned over and looked at the clock in a dream state this morning... and it showed 7:099.  I turned over, completely happy with this time in my mind as I drifted back off to sleep.  My subconscious must have been thinking about it while I was dozing because somewhere in my thoughts it occurred to me that 7:099 wasn't right at all, it wasn't possible, it didn't make sense.  I turned back over and looked at the clock again and it said 7:20.  I went back to sleep.  In my second dream I was walking into a Hardy's fast food place to go to a birthday party.  A bunch of military men were sitting in several booths and tables.  I had nothing to do with them, and they had nothing to do with me.  As I walked by I noticed them.  (They were in a dessert brown color~ no camo)  Then at the birthday party there was cake and ice cream.... Then, things changed and I was watching a recording that my best friend had taken of herself and workers at the Hardy's fast food place all singing a jingle together.  THEN, the next thing I knew was that I was a worker at that place.  I had worked several days and at the end of each day my employer would pay me at the end of each shift.  After working one night I was standing with co-workers around the boss who was handing out money paying everyone out of a cash drawer.  When it came to my turn he didn't have any twenties and told me he would have to pay me later.  I agreed...I hopped in my car and drove home.  When I was almost to the house I remember thinking that my boss and I hadn't wrote anything down and that he may not pay me the next day like he said he would... and try to make me look like I was talking about something that wasn't true. 

I know this is jumbled.  Silly... crazy... weird.  But, I wanted to write it all down so that I wouldn't forget any of it.  I'm not sure what this dream may mean.  Does anyone have any ideas?

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