Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cell Phone Saturday

My daughter came in from college last night for the three day weekend. Her and I are going to US Cellular to get me a new cell phone today. The other night I had gone grocery shopping. While I was out I went by Braum's (since there isn't one anywhere near where I live) and I bought myself a chocolate heath bar mix. I ate about half of it while talking on the phone. I put it in the console and finished my conversation. When I hung up, I snapped my phone shut and put it, you guessed it, in the console... RIGHT into the half cup of liquidy ice cream! Oh yeah! I immediately pulled it out, but not before it clogged the speakers and buttons. Since that day when I talk to anyone on that phone it sounds like they are talking to me through speakers that have been blown. They are super fuzzy... and the volume doesn't seem to get any louder anymore... I had already really needed another phone because this one's flip top was cracking and it doesn't hold a snappy open and shut anymore... it falls open or just falls shut. Not to mention, about a year ago, it was ran over by a Chrysler Crossfire and ground into the pavement! So.... off we go. I've called my insurance and I'm eligible.. I don't want any of the new touch phones or anything, just something simple and easy with BIG buttons, not the tiny little pin-head ones! Sheesh, when did I ever become "older?"

What kind of cell phone do you like?

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