Thursday, September 2, 2010

Audience of One

Women's Ministry. It's something that God placed in my heart several years ago. When I first felt the stirrings I was like Moses and thought I don't have a voice with which to speak the gospel. (Exodus 4:13 13 But Moses said, "O Lord, please send someone else to do it." ) I have been in several women's groups in the past and have enjoyed it so much. I've seen large scale and I've seen very small scale. I remember when I first started teaching myself I was so excited. I had all the materials and people were coming. We named our group JOY~ Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last. After a while though, the numbers waned, no one wanted to get involved in anything, no one wanted to go anywhere and most just seemed to have lost interest. My heart sank. I prayed and prayed and promoted and talked and prayed more... with no luck. We had a tiny core group of 2-3 and occasionally it was myself and one other person. I became upset. What was I doing wrong? What did I need to do differently? It seemed that other churches had flourishing groups of women meeting weekly~ what did we lack? After much turmoil on my part and prayer I realized it wasn't me. My audience is of ONE ~ for One. If no one shows, I know He is there. I cannot make anyone desire to have a deep, meaty relationship with Jesus. I can only pray that they will. It's not about numbers but devotion. I have found that most people (not just women) come to church to pay their "duty" and would much rather get on to other things. If you ask them, they want a relationship with Jesus, but their lack of taking action speaks much louder than words. People make time and take time for the things they want to do....

What do you think?

I come on my knees
To lay down before you
Bringing all that I am
Longing only to know you
Seeking your face
And not only your hand
I find you embracing me
Just as I am

And I lift these songs
To you and you alone
As I sing to you
In my praises make your home

To my audience of one
You are Father, and you are Son
As your spirit flows free,
Let it find within me
A heart that beats to praise you.
And now just to know you more
Has become my great reward
To see your kingdom come
And your will be done
I only desire to be yours,

So what could I bring
To honor your majesty
What song could I sing
That would move the heart of royalty
And all that I have
Is the life that you’ve given me
So Lord let me live for you
My song with humility

And Lord as the love song
Of my life is played
I have one desire
To bring glory to your name


And we lift these songs
To you and you alone
As we sing to you
In our praises make your home

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