Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Once Again...

I believe it's time for me to start looking for another job again. I have been this route so many times in my life it's not even funny. Seems that I stay in a job for 6 months and then I'm moving on. Not because I want to, but due to circumstances that I'm not able to change. With more bills coming in the future and working in a job that is only commission, it's been very tough. Oh, I know... I do depend on God, and I realize He covers all my needs~ I have turned it all over to Him. But, I also know He doesn't want me to sit on my hands and wait for a job fall in my lap. He is our Lord, not our puppeteer. So, once again I start looking. When I found this job (with a lady that I go to church with) , I looked in this town for almost 3 months. I took resumes to almost every place, and even beat the streets several times a week~ I did not have one single call back. I have a good resume and I have a lot of experience, it's just that times are tough and places are not hiring. Please pray the God leads me to the job that He wants me to have.

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