Sunday, August 1, 2010

Life is Short

Yesterday I sat at an intersection as the third car back. As the car in the very front went straight ahead the car in front of us turned. Right after the car in front of of turned a huge semi seemed to come out of nowhere running the red light and plowed broadside right into the the first little car that pulled out. It was so terrible. The sounds were sickening as the semi pushed the little car sideways down the highway at least a hundred feet. We immediately pulled into the highway and over and jumped out to help. Inside was a little girl, Abby, who was six and her mom Carrie. Carrie was in bad shape. Her legs were pinned and she had been knocked unconscious by the blow. She had a nasty cut in her forehead and was very delirious. I tried to explain to her that her daughter was okay and that she should try to sit as still as possible. I wasn't sure at the time she understood... I prayed with her for a couple of seconds and then I pushed her long thick hair away from her face to see her eyes. I wanted her to know help was coming. Her daughter rattled off her daddies phone number a couple of times~ and it finally hit me to use that number and call her dad. I called and let this complete stranger know that his wife and daughter had been in a wreck. He was quickly on his way. My daughter kept talking to Abby to keep her occupied and before long the ambulance and EMS workers were all there. They used the jaws of life to cut Carrie out, and before long she was sedated and in the ambulance. Before long a pickup came roaring down the highway and a man jumped out~ the daddy and husband. We let the police know that we witnessed the wreck first hand and that they could contact us if they needed to. This morning we used the same number to call Greg (husband and dad) to see how Carrie was doing. He said that she was flown from the local hospital to a bigger more equipped hospital and that her pelvis was broken in three places and her tailbone was broken. Amazing. To see that little car jack-knived like it was with a huge semi's grill right in the side of it and she didn't have any internal injuries! Again, I reassured Greg that we wanted to know how Carrie was doing... and that we would keep in touch and he agreed. After 45 minutes time we were back on the road and heading another hour home.

Life is short and we must be prepared. When the rubber meets the road what matters is that you know the Savior and that He is in your heart. Not what kind of clothes you wear or even what your plans are for the day.

Jesus. Do you know Him? PLEASE don't leave home without Him!

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