Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Esther~ Called Accroding to His Purpose

Our Bible study last night was fantastic! I think it's amazing to study and to start to understand how things tie together in God's Word. How nation was at ought with nation and why. How through providence things have come to bring forth Gods plan. How He knew from the beginning that all things would work together for His good! Last night's lesson was on mean girls and/or meanness. It really made me stand up and look at why so many people are angry today. There is always a root~ always a cause. Anger doesn't just come from nowhere. When anger boils up in us, we should stop at that very moment and ask God what it is that we are feeling threatened by. When angry people confront us and we are not the issue, just the sounding board, we should not give in to them. That only teaches them they get what they want when they get nasty, instead, we should do what is right, and we should be nice to them and love them.

Women today are very mean to each other. And, society is mean to women. We are all told we need to be a size 2, wear the latest clothes, drive the sportiest car and have the most well-behaved children. The pressure is huge. Studying Esther made us look at what is in our hearts. Why do we feel we need to be that size 2? Are we healthy? Are we eating right? Why do we feel we need to be in competition with our fellow sisters? Again, we should look in our hearts and find the reason for that insecurity. We should know that our beautiful hearts for God are worth so much more than a shiny new car or the latest hair style. Yes, of course we all want to be "cute" as Beth says, but we need to be aware that it's not what we put on, but what is inside of us that counts.

I want to encourage you to come next week~ I think you'll receive a blessing.

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