Friday, July 23, 2010

Is Good Good Enough?

I knew a couple several years ago. They were good people. They both worked, had lots of friends and were well thought of. They were moral people. They didn't drink, smoke or cuss. They hang out with the "right" crowds. They helped people in need... in fact, they would offer their home or the shirts off of their own backs if need be. One thing they didn't have was a relationship with Jesus. From the outside, most people looking at them would have probably assumed they were Christians because of their actions, but they weren't. When is being good not good enough? The Bible tells us that no one is good in and of himself. We all are born with a sin nature. God sent his Son to die on the cross for us so that we may have life~ and live it to the full. We may "look" good on the outside, but to have goodness on the inside ~ with Jesus in our hearts, is what really counts.

Are you tired of trying to do good works on your own? Gods Words also tells us that it's not our works that gets us into heaven or that keeps us saved, but that it's by grace through faith and that His Salvation is a gift of God. Won't you accept His gift today?

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