Thursday, July 1, 2010

The "Good" Christian?

Have you ever used the phrase, "She's a good Christian woman?" "Or, so-and-so is a "good Christian person?" What really does this mean when the bible tells us specifically in Psalm 53 that no one is good, not even one? Truthfully, are we then "bad" Christian people (normal Christian people)? I know that I am. In the legal, true sense of the word of God. I know I do not always do right, I do not always think right, I do not always talk right...... so technically, I'm not "good." Whether a "good" Christian or a "bad" Christian, are people STILL Christians? If they are blood bought and saved by Jesus through the cross? Yes, they are. Not one of us will ever be worthy. Ever. The bible tells us that His grace is sufficient for us. Not that it was, not will be, not will be until next Thursday, but IS. And, I love Him so! I will forever more think about it strongly when describing someone in such a way ever again. The terminology I think I will use is "Sally is Christian, who happens to be a good person too." :-)

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