Thursday, July 1, 2010

Do You Ever?

Do you remember the days when you were a child? The brightest memory for me was when my family was stationed in Riverside CA I remember riding my bike all over the neighborhood, trick-or-treating without a care up and down the roads at night and most of all, swimming in the backyard in my blow up pool. My school friend and I would bring our Barbie's and have a blast making them "dive" off the side of the pool. I remember playing outside until my mom called me in to supper.... I remember climbing in the huge tree in the backyard. Today I have been melancholy for my youth. Do you ever think about those days? For those carefree days of nothingness... During the summer months living in base housing, we did not have chores per say, my sister and I clocked the hours away riding our bikes, swimming in the base pool or watching TV. Sometimes when I think about the complications of the word; our jobs, our children and what they are doing, people who disappoint us, finances, long days, short time periods to accomplish things and such~ I long for those carefree days. When all I really need to do is crawl up into the lap of my Heavenly Father. Lay my head on His chest and just breathe. While I was raised in a Christian home with Christian morals, I know a lot of people weren't. For me to liken my Father to my childhood and my parents comes naturally for me. I don't say this out of proudness, no, not at all.. but with thanksgiving in my heart for that blessing in my life. And, when I long for those days I turn to my Father who loves me most. In Him I can fall.. and I can trust Him to catch me.

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