Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Of Mice and Mules

(These are not our mules, but the are dead ringers for them for sure...)

What do you do when a little mule crawls UNDER a fence? Or, like recently, he craws THROUGH a fence? Don't laugh.. it's really possible... and do-able. Just ask Mike.. a little sorrel mule.. and his girlfriend Pat. They both are Houdini's in disguise. Don't be fooled, mules are smart. That's why they have the reputation for being cantankerous. They know things. They share it with each other. (They leave the horses out.)

They are not easy to catch when they get out... but if you feed the other little mule (who sometimes doesn't find the way out) and the horses... and then round up Mike down by the park office with your Dodge pick-up, you can "heard" him right into the open gate! Success!

How often do we leave our "pastures" in life to venture out... and realize, all we really want to do is to come back home~ to food and shelter and love. Jesus always stands ready for us. When there is a gap in our relationship with Him, it's always us, not Him making that gap. By our will, our choice, our "going through the fence." It's so much easier to just come back into the fold, back into His loving arms.

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