Thursday, April 8, 2010

I Need Your Help Saturday (4/10)

This Saturday PSO will be coming to the arena at the church and wiring the lights. They will be doing this service for us free of charge. We would like to prepare a really nice lunch for them at noon. The church is going to provide a brisket. We need nice side dishes, breads, salads and desserts... If you are not able to be there on Saturday, you can drop your dishes off at Tammy's shop or the church beforehand. Just let me know and I will meet you there with a key. If you can though, please come and help us serve to show our thanks.

Also, we will be cleaning the church on this day. If you are interested in helping clean from time to time, put your name on the list on the bullitin board at the front of the church. There have been a couple of weeks that the church hasn't been cleaned at all. I know that everyone is short on time, but if several of us go in together we can get it done quickly.

Thanks so much! Love you ladies!

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