Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Biblical Words

THOU, THEE, HENCEFORTH, THEREWITH.... are you lost yet? I never have been a King James type person, and I realize it itself is not an authority, but just a translation. I know that this is just my personal preference~ what really matters is finding the translation for you that you understand. There are Bibles out there than have been changed to suit man ie., the Jehovah's Witness bible (little b on purpose).. so watch for them. Ask someone if you are not sure.

Again, I love that God allows translations of His Word so that we are all are able to understand. Like the teenager that starts reading The Message, the Bible study student that reads the Amplified, the grandparent, who new-in-Christ needs the New Living Bible... and so on.

Thank you Lord, for Your Word. Thank You for Your love for us...

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