Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bible Study 3/2/10

Bible study was wonderful last night. We had a small group... and somehow, I knew all day it was going to be that way.... At times I think there is more intimacy in smallness. Everyone seemed tired after a day of work and being busy this week, yet it was so refreshing just to study God's Word and to sit and talk afterwards. We had a new person last night and I'm quite excited to see God slowly bringing in more new ladies. In the past three weeks we've had 3 new faces. If everyone attended in one evening that attended since we began we would have 22 ladies. Isn't God good?!

The week after next will be our ladies night out. We will be going to Fish Fry in Paris~ thanks Shannette for the idea!

Our Secret Sisters are doing so well. It seems each week at church now I'm seeing someone carrying a new package that is for them and they have a huge smile on their face! Thanks for taking this part of our ladies group and making it a big success!

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