Monday, February 8, 2010

Eve - Women of the Bible

Genesis 3:20, Genesis 4:1, 2 Corinthians 11:3, 1 Timothy 2:13

Eve is the mother of all mankind. All nations, tribes and tongues come from her.

Eve was created by God and given dominion over the earth. (Genesis 1:26-29). Notice that verse twenty-seven emphasis the fact that God created them male and female.

The first recorded words that God ever spoke to mankind are given in Genesis 1:28. These promises were given directly to Eve as well as Adam.

Although man and woman have different roles to play within marriage, as far as our standing with God is concerned we are equal. We are both created in the image of God. We were both called to subdue the earth.

Eve came from man's ribs (Genesis 2:21-25).
Not his feet, for she was not to be walked over, nor his head, because she was not to boss him about. She came from the bones closest to his heart. This speaks much of the relationship that exists between a man and a woman in marriage.

Genesis 3 tells us how the woman was deceived by the serpent. Satan still uses this trick today. Watch out against the deception of satan (2 Corinthians 11: 1-3). He will bring evil thoughts. He is a master at presenting the worst situation in any circumstance. He always tells lies and takes advantage of any doubt he detects in you.

A wise woman always discerns her thoughts. Those from satan she throws in the trash and never meditates on them.


1. What was the first word God spoke to the woman? (answer is in Genesis 1)
2. In whose image is woman created?
3. Woman was taken from the ribs of man. What is the significance of this?
4. The serpent deceived the woman. Does satan still try to deceive us today?
5. What forms does the deception of satan take?
6. How can we guide against deception?

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